A Tale of Joy - Festival Retreat

7 Day Retreat in Sicily For Community & expressive joy

Embark on a joy-filled adventure, where the Tale of joy invites you to rediscover your authenticity, spark inspiration, and immerse yourself in inner joy. This retreat is a soul-awakening, multisensory experience —a journey of self-exploration, nourishment, creative expression, movement, community gathering, and pure fun! 

9 – 15 September 2024 –  only once a year! 

“I am interested in what happens to people who find the whole of life so rewarding that they are able to move through it with the same kind of delight in which a child moves through a game.’

Margaret Mead


A Tale of Joy is an ode to this wondrous mystery we call life! The etymology of the word joy comes from the verb yui that in Sanskrit means “to unify”, same root of Yoga, the unification of the individual soul with the universal consciousness. Joy is union with the others, with nature, with the universe, with sacredness. It is a bridge, a connection.

This special journey is a celebration for being alive and connected with ourselves, mother earth and each other whilst having a strong focus on healing, arts, education and community spirit. This retreat gives us an opportunity to explore various types of movement, sound and creation, teaching us the art of presence and allowing us to discover the body and mind’s natural intelligence. The mornings are dedicated to silence and practice whilst the afternoons and evenings are structured as an intimate festival including various types of creative activities.

On this journey, we desire to achieve a paradigm shift; a shift in the way we connect with spirituality, in the way we interact with nature and our fellow beings. We desire to create an environment where we can learn to be content and happy rather than greedy and ambitious.

Come join us as we get together to celebrate the 3rd edition of A Tale of Joy – Festival Retreat in the abundant lands of Volcano Etna in Sicily!


Meditation & Yoga│Dance│Sensory Workshops│Movement Research│Sound Journeys│Singing & Drum Circles│Fire Ceremony│Ecstatic Dance│Volcano Etna Excursion│Dj Sets│Experimental Laboratories│


  • Exploring & experiencing what joy means to you
  • Trying out new inspiring practices and activities
  • Celebrating life with a community of like-minded people


  • Extroverted, exciting, open-minded
  • Joyful & playful living
  • Liberating yourself


8:00 – 8:30 Meditation & Silence
8:30 -10:00 Morning yoga
10:00 – 11:00 Vegetarian Brunch
11:00-18:00 Workshops & free time to Explore 
18:00-19:00 Vegetarian Dinner
20:00 Evening activities


Shared dorm (5-6 people) – 750€
Shared triple room – 950€
Shared double room – 990€
Camping (tents) – Sliding scale 550-650€

For 7 days (6 nights) retreat including all classes, workshops, excursions, accommodation & 2 vegetarian meals a day

A deposit of 350€ is required to reserve your spot. If you have any questions or would like to reserve your spot, please emails on taleofjoycommunity@gmail.com

Due to the festive nature of this retreat, we are able to accommodate a bigger group, and the estimated group size will be around 30-40 people.

THE PLACE “Femminamorta” in Sicily, Italy

Femmina Morta is a place of art, meetings, concerts, retreats and parties, as well as a family villa, but above all, it is a place where nature transports us into peace of mind, into mysticism, in the search for harmony. Located on the East coast of Sicily, between Pozzillo and Carruba, next to the volcano Etna. The land stretches for seven hectares into a palm nursery where chickens roam around among lemon, mango and avocado trees. The property comprends a huge garden, a large swimming pool and a gorgeous yoga shala with a beautiful view of the volcano. The sea can be seen from the villa and the beach is only 20 minutes walk away.


To reach the villa we can organize for you a transportation by taxi from the airport of Catania. Alternatively you can take a bus to Catania Central Station and from there a train to Carruba. We will pick you up at Carruba station (5 minutes away from the villa).

Your Retreat Facilitators

Giulia Anna Maria

Giulia used to be a lawyer before a transformative trip to Nepal that shifted her life completely. Inspired by spontaneous yoga sessions there with children on a rooftop, she followed her passion and pursued a 3-year Iyengar Yoga TTC in Berlin. Giulia has taught yoga to various communities over the last 10 years.

Embracing diverse roles, Giulia is the queen of transformation and she changed her identity many times taking different roles that allow her to have a very open mind and widen her understanding of humanity and society; she likes dressing as a drag queen for the Pyramid Parties, she’s a performer for Music Ashram and a nomadic gong player shuttling between Berlin. 

Teaching and organising retreats for the Tara family for 3 years, Giulia embodies a nomad with an open mind and a deep understanding of humanity and society.

Linnea Lappalainen

Linnea’s own lived experiences and studies in yoga, psychology and holistic coaching lead her to understand the importance and interconnection between our emotions, experiences, mind and body. She learned to combine embodiment practices and human psychology, establishing practices that allow you to get in touch with your emotions, true inner self and wholeness. 

Linnea’s heart beats with a fierce passion for deep inner healing and human potential, dedicated to empowering individuals and groups in awakening to their worth, owning their dreams and crafting unapologetic lives that resonate authentically with them. One way of doing this is by embracing our intuitive and artistic side, and Linnea loves to guide groups through various explorative movement and artistic practices as a form of self-discovery and exploration. 

Linnea has been part of the creation of Tara Retreats and community, teaching and organising retreats for the last 4 years.

There will be a number of creative experts and teachers on the retreat - guest teachers to be announced soon!


  • Anyone looking to en-JOY life together with a like-minded community
  • Exploring new fun practices and creations
  • Connecting deeply with yourself and others


Tara is reimagining the ways we connect with spirituality; shifting from individualistic to collective. 5% sales of every retreat will support local conservation groups or indigenous community projects. Empowering you to make inner transformation alongside meaningful collective change. The organizations we support this year you can read more about in our philosophy page. 


What our past guests have to say:

"Since arriving back home, people tell me that I look better, fresher, healthier. The aspect they don't see, which to me is far more profound, is how my mental state changed. It's quite surprising how the aspect of the retreat which I had thought would, as a rather sceptical person, not really be of interest to me, ended up changing the way I relate to things - in a positive way…The realization that sceptical, scientific objectivity does not have to exclude spirituality is a gamechanger, and I'm eternally grateful for that. It'll allow me to tap into a source of endless power, which was undeniably always just in reach for me, to do the things for which I was placed on this world to do… thank you for creating this environment…"
Vince L.
" I booked the trip spontaneously after a difficult week and that was exactly what I needed plus more. The warm atmosphere and the open hearted staff and amazing guests made me feel at ease. The whole experience put me through a phase of putting myself first which I will never but take home with me… It has been two weeks since I left the center and I have meditated every day and it has positively affected my every day lifestyle so much… I am able to take home so much with me, the value of happiness and self love and how to put more care into my mind. "
Silva C.

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