Wild Women's Retreat

7 Day Women's Retreat in Montenegro for sisterhood & self-discovery

This retreat encourages self-discovery, personal empowerment and a cultivation of a deep connection with the wild and instinctual aspects of being a woman. All activities on the retreat are designed to honor the strength, intuition, and creativity that all women possess, drawing inspiration from the rich tapestry of myths and stories explored in the book “Women Who Run with the Wolves.” 

26 May – 1 June 2024
9 – 15 June 2024 
11 – 17 August 2024


For 7 days (6 nights) retreat including all classes, workshops, walks, accommodation & 2 vegan buffets a day. The prices include everything for the week except your flights & transport to the retreat. Only a 350€ deposit is needed to make the reservation. You can view the accommodation details and photos here .

Discounts & scholarship positions available for woman in the local balkan region and BIPOC community. 


This is a journey into the heart of feminine strength and intuition. A container for self-discovery, unapologetic self-empowerment and a deep connection with the wilderness within & around us. While many have been conditioned to be a ‘good girl,’ this retreat offers an opportunity to unravel that programming and instead tap into the strength of embracing our authentic selves.

Amidst the natural embrace, we gather for guided ventures into the wilderness, moonlit circles, embodiment journeys, creativity awakening workshops and connective rituals. We dive into self-exploration, attain newfound wisdom, release burdens and liberate ourselves.

This is an invitation to embrace the wild within, dance under the moon and reconnect with the primal energy that defines the essence of being a woman. We invite you to a journey where you are free to run with the wolves and unleash the wild, beautiful power that resides within you.

These retreats are aimed for all women and people identifying as such.

“The doors to the world of the wild are few but precious. If you have a deep scar, that is a door, if you have an old, old story, that is a door. If you love the sky and the water so much you almost cannot bear it, that is a door. If you yearn for a deeper life, a full life, a sane life, that is a door.”

― Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Women Who Run With the Wolves


Embodiment & Movement classesArchetypical Exploration│Dance│Chanting & SingingSharing Circles│Cyclic Living│Wilderness & Nature│Rhythm of Connection│Storytelling│Earth Creation│Creating fire: basics on fire│Transforming Anger


  • Embrace & unleash the wild within
  • Experience the freedom of self-liberation
  • Rekindle a connection with your true, authentic self


  • Nature-centric
  • Liberation from all labels and “shoulds”
  • Raw & authentic


8:00 – 9:30 Yoga Or Movement class
10:00 -11:00 Plant based brunch
12:00-14:00 Female care & Menstrual Education
17:00-18:00 Plant based dinner
19:00-20:30 Rhythm of Connection


Us women have an inherited gift to connect with nature. In many ways, the feminine and nature share similar qualities and an innate rawness that over time has tried to be tamed. Nature has been a place for women to come together, to heal, to connect. We want to encourage you to find and embrace this healing connection back with the Earth where we all come from and will always be a part of. The untamed Montenegrin nature offers a unique chance to cultivate a deeper connection with the Earth and immerse our senses in its pristine wilderness.

THE PLACE “Mahakala Center” & Plant based food

The homely centre is located in the small seaside village of Buljarica in Montenegro, cradled by the mountains and the Adriatic Sea. Surrounded by the four elements of earth, air, sun and water, located on a steep hill between local houses and a 15-minute walk from the local beach. 

The kitchen is fully plant based with a zero waste policy, all food sourced from local family owned organic farms and the water from the mountain spring. The food is home made by local Montenegrin women and the Menu crafted by Dr Vesna Lemm, a detox & nutrition specialist.

Mahakala offers 2 daily homemade vegan buffets, meal times based on a powerful intermittent fasting philosophy involving two highly nutritious meals per day (served at 10:00 and 17:00). During the day we serve plenty of seasonal fruits, spring water and herbal teas. Additionally coffee or snacks can be purchased from the coffee shop.

Your Retreat Facilitators

Marijana Lemm

Women’s space holder and environmental & social activist from Montenegro. Marijana is the founder of Tara; in the last 5 years she has poured her heart into creating Tara and the world-wide community. During this time she discovered her deep passion of working with women, movement as well as nature, and realized how all these are interlinked. As an activist, Marijana works with the protection of wild rivers in the Balkan area and among other social justice issues. She loves sharing the medicine of movement and empowering women to find their own form of sacred activism.

Linnea Lappalainen

Women’s empowerment coach, space holder & yoga teacher. Linnea’s own lived experiences and studies in psychology and holistic coaching lead her to understand the importance and interconnection between our emotions, experiences, mind and body. She learned to combine movement and human psychology, establishing practices that allow you to get in touch with your emotions, true inner self and wholeness. Linnea’s heart beats with a fierce passion for deep inner healing and human potential, dedicated to empowering women in awakening to their worth, owning their dreams and crafting unapologetic lives that resonate authentically with them.


  • Women seeking authentic, profound and transformative experiences.
  • Interested in connecting with the wild and instinctual aspects of womanhood.
  • Authentically connecting to oneself and others.


Tara is reimagining the ways we connect with spirituality; shifting from individualistic to collective. 5% sales of every retreat will support local conservation groups or indigenous community projects. Empowering you to make inner transformation alongside meaningful collective change. You can read more about the organizations that we support this year in our philosophy page.

What our past guests have to say:

"I booked the trip spontaneously after a difficult week and that was exactly what I needed plus more. The warm atmosphere and the open hearted staff and amazing guests made me feel at ease. The whole experience put me through a phase of putting myself first which I will never but take home with me… It has been two weeks since I left the center and I have meditated every day and it has positively affected my every day lifestyle so much… I am able to take home so much with me, the value of happiness and self love and how to put more care into my mind."
Silva C.
"Thank you! This is the place where you will meet your tribe, connect with nature and yourself again. I only spend a week here and i feel like a different person. I feel energised, refreshed and myself again. I had a really hard last couple of months dealing with a lot of things but this retreat gave me time to reflect and learn tecniques to conquer my mental health problems… The yoga and meditation classes where just what I needed i tried out yin yoga for the first time and loved it.."
Sanja P.

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